HTML/CSS/Javascript question

Hello guys,
I’ve just started this summer to “work out” codes and other stuff like this. I’m a student at Informatics, but learn at distance, so like, i go just to the exams. i will live in the town where i go to University, and thought is a good idea to learn html,css,php and get from now a job in web development to pay the rent. school, etc and have some pocket money. That’s my story:slight_smile:

Now the question: I want to make a project in html, the project should be like a page with a menu up so like a food page (for example up should be buttons like "home; dinner food, breakfast, fish etc). I want, when i press the “home” button to get a text; when i press the “breakfast” button to get a breakfast photo and text: the composition of the food or a food recipe. That’s my idea for the second project.
The problem is, i don’t know how to give to the button the attribute to show the photo and text when it is pressed.
My first project in html was some kind of page “for the fans of” a type of car and some statistics, tables, photos etc in the page.

p.s. Sorry for a little long text for just a question.

your project ideas sound similar to freecodecamp Basic Front End Development Projects