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Hi everyone,

I started the HTML course with freeCodeCamp and am working through the first two challenges, building a tribute and portfolio page.

I am a bit stuck with the portfolio page. I have managed to create a fixed menu along the top of the screen, and it scrolls above the backgrounds of the following pages, but under some div sections I have for text.

The next thing I am stuck on is the div classes themselves. I can’t seem to get them to act like boxes; I haven’t worked out how to move them separately from the background or bring the padding in sideways.

The project is at:

Any feedback or clarification would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,


You have nested containers.

Start by removing all of your containers except the outermost one.

Thank you Jacey!

I tut-tooed with it a little more and found that the opacity setting was causing it.

I also figured out that to center the text horizontally I needed to add padding on the background image.

Thanks again.

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