Html / css Portfolio frustrations

Hello all. I’ve been working through the html and css code curriculum, and I’m on the last step. I’m confused as to how I would link my previous projects to the page.

For example, I am trying to link my Survey form. The survey assignment (or perhaps all of your codecamp assignments?) are not on a linkable website that I can find. Copying the address of the survey page simply links the codecamp tutorial page, not the finished product.

I’ve tried wordpress, just so I can upload each portfolio piece. Ironic that I have to create a portfolio page on wordpress to create a portfolio page on freecodecamp! Wordpress doesn’t seem to like raw html, and all css has to be uploaded to their master css folder; regardless, you’re uploading your website html into an existing website, so the page is squashed and misrepresented. I have managed to get my Tribute page uploaded to worpress, though you can’t upload a styles.css page, so the website looks terrible.

I copied my html and css files to Notepad, and then uploaded the html to github. again, same thing. The link I can provide shows the html, not the website, and there’s no place to include css as far as I can tell.

I’ve found a partial workaround after scouring the net for a solution. I’ve been using the style=“” html tag to include all css directly into html. I’ve been able to reproduce my portfolio pieces this way on notepad, but I still cant actually upload the html and css to get a usable link, so not exactly a solution.

I’m at a point where if I test my portfolio pieces, it passes, and I’m certified…but the portfolio links I provide are broken. This step - uploading your html and css to the web - seems like an integral part of web design, though I’ve yet to see a freecodecamp tutorial on how you can actually put your code on the net.

Do I need to pay a hosting site like godaddy or some such, just to upload these pages, so I have usable links? I’m hoping you fine people can lead me in the right direction.

Please pardon my frustrated tone. This issue has made me realize how little I’ve actually learned.

github pages could be ta simple way to put online your projects, or also codepen (which is what was being used before bringing the editor in-browser)

For github pages you can follow this

or github own guide

You can also open a GitHub Issue for feedback

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Thanks so much! Github worked well for me.