HTML-CSS projects

Hello everyone!
Is there anyone we can start HTML-CSS projects together?



Sure, what do you have in mind?

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I am ready to work with you, what kind of projects can we actually do together (setting the time will be good too)

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i love that…
but sorrey for not clarifying the projects, by the way, these pojects are the Responsive web design projects in FCC and i am going to start now, so how do you see if we start together if you haven’t done already?

i appreciate that…
these projects are the responsive web design projects in FCC. (5 projects)
how do you see if we try to complete them in 7 days maximum.

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Yes I believe we can do that. My time zone is Dar es Salaam, Tanzania which is do believe is (GMT +3)

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oh! that’s great chris,also here in Hargeisa, we have the same time zone.
Lets Go man💪

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