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hello everyone …i passed my projects but i did minimal css only the ones that let me pass !!is this okay or i should make it similar to the example link provided??

You will increase your skills if you go back to your projects and try adding more CSS features. Also, you don’t necessarily need to make the projects look like the examples either. Just as long as they pass the user stories.

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Thank you so much i will :slight_smile:

You’re free to claim credit if it only meets the basic requirements, but I encourage you to treat your projects as playgrounds to have fun and get comfortable with your skills. It can be great to keep revisiting them as your skills increase and make them a little better every time.

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thank you i started styling my project :sweat_smile:

@hala3 you should also feel free to be happy about the progress you’ve made. I see myself a lot in your comment. I’m always wondering if I’ve “done enough.” And to be honest this is a really hard thing for me and many other people because every time you learn something it introduces you to so much more that still needs to be learned. So sometimes it’s hard to feel like what you have accomplished means much since there is still so much more of the mountain to climb.

So take a second to recognize you’ve accomplished something real. You actually completed the projects. That says a lot. And when you’re ready, challenge yourself again with the next challenge.


Thank you very much i really appreciate your comment, it did make me less concern or in doubt that i’m not doing enough … :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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