HTML/CSS resources like css-tricks

I’m looking for some cool HTML and CSS resources like css-tricks, alistapart and Smashing Magazine with interesting articles and tricks to keep my skills sharp and up to date.

Check out

They have awesome tutorials. You will definitely love it.


Thank you. I already love it :slight_smile: Bookmarked.

Hi @emygeek,

would you mind re-posting this in the News thread with a catchy title :slight_smile: ? It would probably get even more reads and it’s such a cool resource, I’d love more people to see your post ! Also feel free to write a few lines presenting that site :wink:

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Oh oh oh! I know something!

I and my friend have made a trello board for useful links!
It contains a ton of useful things, from web development to game development! :smiley:

Check it out here, and if you want to contribute as well! DM ME! :smiley:

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:heart_eyes: …pssst - mention it everywhere you can, it’s amazing !

Huh? what do you mean

Your trello board? Talk about it, create a News post if it’s not already done here on the forums, make it known ! Or maybe you’ve already done it and I missed it.

I would like to add these three links to your trello board:

There is a vast number of resources for Javascript learners.
There are much fewer on CSS though.

No I haven’t, Initially it was made to share awesome links to new products and resources which we find on the net.

Thanks for the links! :smiley: