Html & css responsive web design projects

Hi freeCodeCamp Community!

I’m new to the tech world, but I have a desire to branch into EdTech.

I started freeCodeCamps’ “Responsive Web Design Projects” and I’d like to know how you approached commencing the projects.

So, far, I’ve done the following:

  1. Referenced back to the “Responsive Web Design Certification” lessons.

  2. Followed freeCodeCamp standards and template "Currently completing my final draft of the SURVEY FORM

  3. Used “W 3” as a step by step reference i.e.

form id=

div class=

label id=

input type=

class=form control

And the list goes on… How about you? What’s your approach?

For the first two ie the tribute and survey form i followed the template of freeCodeCamp, but i really found it difficult to center things both vertically and horizontally and making things responsive. I had to take my time and go through the Css course again, also I brushed through w3school’s Css course, then i downloaded some textbooks and gulped down hours of YouTube videos. LOL. This really helped my product landing page which turned out a whole lot better than the others.

so to anwer your question.

  1. Reference back to FCC lessons
  3. Textbooks (pdf)
    5.GOOGLE (this is the most important one :slight_smile:
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for the first two projects i used W3Cschools
youtube (EA media)

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Thank you for responding and sharing.

I agree that Google has now become a friend

I have access to the following

How may I get access the PDF textbooks?

Again, thanks!

Thank you for replying and sharing.

Please excuse my novelty, I’m new to the tech world, but what does EA media mean?

How did you complete the last 3 freeCodeCamp projects?

Again, thank you!