HTML-CSS Step 31

I am stuck. I have looked at other posts on this step and still I get “You should add I accept the terms and conditions text to the label following the third fieldset.”

I have placed in the third fieldset but I still keep getting this message.

This is my code inside the fieldset:

I accept the terms and conditions.

Can someone explain why it is not taking? The ‘t&c’ are in the third fieldset and all my code before hand is good to go, just sloppy.

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Can you please post your full code here so that we can try and identify the problem.

Opps. Here it is and I know I have to work on my spacings:

Registration Form

Registration Form

Please fill out this form with the required information

Enter Your First Name: Enter Your Last Name: Enter Your Email: Create a New Password: Account type (required) Personal Business I accept the terms and conditions
  <input type="submit" value="Submit" />
This is the whole code so far.

In your page can you please create a new post by clicking the help button.
It should take you to this page:

Don’t delete anything from there, accept the part where you describe your issue

I was not getting the create post option at all.

That’s okay. You only get it after yo click the ‘check your code’ button 3 times.

Your label element is nested in a fieldset element. Try moving the closing tag of the fieldset element directly next to the opening tag of the fieldset element.

That did it. Thanks. This has been bothering me since yesterday.

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