HTML\CSS Synopsis

Not sure where to post so I apologize in advance to the mod gods who handle such things. Does anyone know of where I can find a list of the tags or a summary of the material found in the HTML/CSS challenges? I don’t know if I want to work through those challenges again after being away for awhile and would appreciate a reference or cheat sheet to review. Yes, I know there are tons of HTML and CSS cheat sheets online but anything specific for FCC?

Thank you! :sunny: :sunny: :smile:

i never found any HTML/CSS cheatsheet for FCC so far, and because the way the named the task, it’s difficult to find which task contain certain material. if only for HTML/CSS/(and half of) JS i’d recommend w3school

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do these mdn references help?


There are an infinite number of HTML and CSS style guides, I have certainly spent time looking at the MDN and w3school. I have a huge aversion to CSS, I hate it with a passion and the silly thing is I don’t feel the CSS introduced here is that in-depth or complex which is why I would prefer just to have a compilation of what is taught here to reference when completing my portfolio/tribute page :smiley:

I know I should just go through the challenges one more time. I even have the team treehouse videos, yet every single time I run through the exercises and videos I just sit there and scratch my head because I don’t know where to start. I would rather solve a problem than figure out which tag I need to create an element, followed by its’ particular parameters. I just need to get myself hyped up I suppose lol. Weird that I have such a block when dealing with this particular topic when it seems so essential to the profession. I am really trying hard not to cheat by copy-paste but it has led to a freeze in productivity.

Maybe I will make a list of all the things taught in the challenges and see if that helps me as much as I think it would or if it is simply my mind making an excuse to avoid the work.

Thank you for your responses, and if you hear of anything like what I describe let me know! <3