HTML CSS the drudgery


I have tried a couple of times to learn to code through many mediums, i was self learning C++ and built a pong game and also a text adventure game. I decided to stop dabbling and get into learning properly however the first section on CSS HTML seems to be taking me forever and is so boring im thinking do i really even want to do this programing business?

Is there light at the end of the tunnel? does it get more challenging or is there just tonnes of typing stupid tags.

I want to program to keep flexing my mind muscles.

what are your thoughts?

should i keep persevering until the JavaScript section

Javascript section is more interesting in this regard.

But if you want to learn web dev, HTML and CSS also important.

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Yeah, I’d say push through. I fealt the same way, but if you want to do anything online I think you’ll want to at least know this stuff. The projects are better as you get to have some creativity rather than just typing what you’re told to type. But yes, the Javascript is where you start to feel more like a programmer, and you can get lost for hours in the challenges trying to find different ways to solve a given problem.

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Thanks for the heads up appreciate the words of wisdom!

A lot of developers find debugging CSS/layout issues to be one of their least favorite tasks. Every job has some unpleasant tasks.

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