HTML Element Alternatives

Since there is the option to create an element, I’m assuming there are different elements that could be used instead. (or am I wrong?)
What alternatives are there?

Can your please give a more context? It’s a bit hard to answer your question without examples of the elements you’re talking about and their potential alternatives.

If this is a question about a certain lesson, can you please link to it too?

I’m talking about why the tag is needed, if literally everything is always gonna have an html tag.

Only exception i can think of:
all documents - css, html, javascript - on websites are the same format, e.g. css.word html.word javascript .word

parser needs tags to seperate css/html/javascript

which of the following words is a tag?

This is an html tag but in html we always have tags so we can tell text such as that in h1 or one in input or one in a meta tag or one in a body tag. So which of these were the opening and closing tags and how did you identify them?

Without the tag, everything starting from the DOCTYPE declaration (if there is one) would be considered part of the tag - this makes the most sense, as compared to having an actual tag to represent something that will always exist in the same place.

so you’re saying my whole paragraph above is a tag?

I’m saying it would be interpreted as content inside an tag.

I guess I don’t understand your point.
Without using the angled bracket, how will you know which word is a tag ?

Oh…we’ve misunderstood each other.

I meant the canon <html> tag, that goes after the DOCTYPE DECLARATION, holding everything - all the content - inside it.

Not every single tag IN html, instead i mean, the singular, single, “html” tag, the one where you type <html>asjfhhsasjkfhkasjfh<\html>. I’m only referring to a single tag, not every single tag.

here’s an answer

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