HTML - Email link not working

Hi All,

I have looked everywhere and can’t find a solution to this. Please Help! I have inserted and link to an email address but with the following code but it won’t work. I am using a icon as a clickable link but even if I take the Icon out still no successful email.

a href="" i class=“far fa-envelope” a

I have used the below which works fine to my Github but nothing is working for the email link.

a href=“” target="_blank"i class="fab fa-github a

Am i missing something obvious? Any help would be appreciated.

Hi, looks like you accidentally didn’t post your code …

thanks for spotting. For some reason it didn’t let me post the whole thing i had to remove the tags.

This works on my computer, and if I am not missing something, it’s the same as yours… (you can use the code button in the editor: </> )

<a href=""><i class="far fa-envelope"></i></a>

Have you tested whether your e-mail software opens up for other websites with email links? Maybe it’s turned off there …

Nice one.

You were spot on the browser didn’t like it my code was fine :smile:

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