Html external pages with anchor elements not working

just started using free code camp but it seems the fist <a href code to add links aint working now am stuck , please help

If you’re referring to the challenge Link to External Pages with Anchor Elements, read the challenge carefully.
Anchor elements <a></a> have href attribute whose value is the link to be opened upon user click and between the opening and closing anchor tags <a></a> you provide text which will be displayed to user in the browser as hyperlink text .
For eg. <a href="">this links to</a> will appear to user as this links to

Keep trying. happy coding!

i tried using this anchor but its not working or maybe there is a bug with the freecodecamp

Yeah, it’s not working. :frowning_face: I’m using Mozilla Firefox.
Try doing it with a different browser or maybe there’s a bug in FCC test output.


Working for me in Chrome. (chrome is the preferred browser for FCC)

Are you following the instructions or the example?

Create an a element that links to and has “cat photos” as its anchor text.

If you trying to link to then you are not following the instructions

Should look like this
cat photos