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I am working on learning HTML. I am on a section using the for attribute. I added the for attribute “loving” inside of the label element with the text Loving nested between it and the closing label element. The simulator keeps telling me that I am doing this correctly. Any ideas on where i am going astray?

Please post your actual code instead of a screenshot. Also, please post a link to the Step. Thanks

Welcome to the forum @jworkman339
@JeremyLT is right, you need to submit code instead of a screen shot.

Here is the original code:

<input id="loving" type="checkbox"> Loving

The label element is supposed to nest around the word Loving.
You appear to have changed the order of the code.

Please reset the step to restore the original code, then nest the label element around the target word, without altering anything else.

Happy coding.

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As said, you seem to just have the elements in the wrong order (didn’t check).

Just to clear up the verbiage. You wrap something, and what it wraps is nested. The nesting is inside the wrapping.

<div class="wrapper">

As an example. You wrap a scarf around your neck, your neck is nested inside the scarf.

Got it. Thanks to all who helped.

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