HTML have trouble with runing the test

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well, I am at the first task I typed (Hello world) the way that video shown me but it does`nt take to other page. I did for many times.

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Challenge: Say Hello to HTML Elements

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Is that code you posted the code you tried in the lesson?

Have you done what is written below?


Yes, I did. it shows completed the test but it doesn`t take me to other stage.

Ah, when you click “Run the tests”, if the tests all pass then a modal will pop up showing a big checkmark and your progress for that section.

You need to click “Submit and go to next challenge” to actually save your completion status.

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well, this is what I got, help me please

Your code is incorrect - that is why the tests are not passing.

You have changed your <h1> element into a <Hello World> element (which is not a valid HTML element).

Instead, you need to change the text inside the <h1> element (so, between the two tags) to say “Hello World”.

create aset of Radio buttons test
Is anyone know, what to do with this?


Both of your radio buttons have the text “Indoor”. The second one should be changed. :grin:

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Thanks I got it. :slightly_smiling_face: