HTML&HTML5 , Imputing images

Could somebody explain how to insert an image src with the alt then provide an example.I’m having trouble following what the lessons are saying.

Use the Ask for Help button on the challenge, that way we can see your code and what you have tried. You can also copy-paste the code here, just remember to format the code using the </> button on the forum post toolbar.

If this is the challenge…

…then it already gives you an example.

<img src="" alt="A business cat wearing a necktie.">

<img src="insert URL of the image" alt="Cute dog smiling"/>

This is the code I am putting currently but I have also tried without spaces (imgsrc) &("alt) and with spaces in different places, I also clicked the get help and watched the video and everything like that and made sure I did it right after I did the video and it still keeps saying that the alt shouldn’t be empty.

You have to use this URL for the src

Also, not that it matters for the tests but it is a picture of a cat, not a dog, so the alt text should reflect that.

Edit: We really need to see all the code. Just copy and paste all of it here, again use the code format button </> and paste the code where it tells you to.

Ok thank you!
I was doing cat before when it still wasn’t working and looked up some examples and I was using one of those codes and was just going to replace the image and see if it made a difference, then I forgot to actually add the image but here’s one of my actual ones.

I just need to replace the photo like you said and Im still trying to figure out how to get the space lined up with each other…

Please post code and not images, we can’t test images.

  1. The URL used for the src is wrong.

  2. The alt attribute should be all lower case alt not Alt

<img src=";auto=format&amp;fit=crop&amp;w=1000&amp;q=80" alt="Yawning Grey Cat"/>

Sorry, still figuring out how everything works

What is the test telling you?

The alt should be fine, but the image for the src you are using is not the one you were asked to use. You were asked to use this URL

Ohhh I see I didn’t read it correctly thank you for your help!
Sorry for bothering you as well…feel kinda dumb now…

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No bother at all, that is what the community is here for, to help each other. :hugs:

That is why we have an Ask for Help button on the challenges, so people can get the help they need. If you have any questions or need help, please do not hesitate to ask.

Happy coding!

Thank You!..

your avatar scared me !