HTML img url questions

Just wondering if every image you add to a webpage needs to be via a url? And if so how do developers usually go about uploading the img and what sites are used? Is there a common way to do this? Is it the same with fonts also?

Hi, anything you want your user to be able to access at all times must be externally hosted on a server.

Imagine you have your local image, but you have your computer off, then the user would not be able to access that image. What I usually use is github, where I also do version control on the webpages Iā€™m building. Github is also capable of hosting your website free of charge.

Fonts I use Google Fonts and follow the instructions on their page on how to import the font.

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usually it is uploaded with all the other website files, so no need for external support.

you can do the same with services that allows that, like, or uploading on github and then deploying on appropriate services (github pages for front-end stuff for example)

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