HTML initial project, I can't remember the string literal used as title

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I can’t remember what the string literal used as a title for my initial HTML project.
My code will not pass because I can’t remember it exactly.

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<!DOCTYPE html>
  <titl>Registration Form
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Challenge: Step 4

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First of all there is a typo in your title tag. <titl> should be <title> and <title/> should be </title>

The string that goes inside <title> </title> is Registration Form .


You are very kind.
I noticed after I posted.
This is what happens when sleep deprivation sets in.
I haven’t written a line of code in anything since 2008.
I fixed my code, and I’m moving forward.
Time to buy a good book.

jeff b

Glad to hear you have solved the test. Keep learning!

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