Html results seem incorrect

HTML-CSS emphasized text SESSION:Unable to finish the “Link to an internal…” I get nothing at the bottom in the #2 column that says “test output will be here” The first column lists several errors that are not there. ie: "You should only have 1 anchor in the code,“there should be no target in the code”, "there should only be one footer in the code ",
There are others but none of them apply to the code. I believe the code is corrrect. Can someone look at it. I think that something I did caused the problem. I could not edit the original anchor, so I created my anchor, then deleted the original. The same errors came up, so I reset the code and redid it. Same results.

You only have link to the exercise. Can you also share your code?

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I don’t know how to copy it for you. The whole thing is pretty long and it vanished when I tried to type ctrl-c. When I put just the <a =href "#footer " Jump to bottom, the statement went away and the words Jump to bottom was all you saw. It did show the footer element correctly at the bottom.
Not this time. It executes the statement and all you see is the words in the copyright statement.

Copyright Cat Photo App

For this exercise , all you need to change is two lines.

<a =href "#footer " isn’t actually the right syntax because equal sign needs to come after href. A correct example would be… <a href = "#bottom">Go bottom</a>

Make sure you give an id to footer tag “footer”. Then you will pass the tests. Good luck!

I hope it’s clear for you…