HTML Submission Form to Email Without Middle Man?

I have an HTML submission form and would like to have it send an email. I’ve tried a couple of these services that serve as the middle man - formsubmit and formspree. I had issues with formsubmit not verifying my email. Formspree I was able to get working, but it didn’t auto clear the form after submission. I’m concerned that even if I found a way code-wise to clear the form, there could be compatibility issues across browsers or sometime in the future.

Does anyone know of a very simple way to make an HTML submission form go from the website to the Microsoft 365 inbox without a middle man? Is this something the Microsoft offers or some other email provider?

Sending an email involves connecting to a mail server. There is no way to do that with just HTML. That’s why you need to use a “middle man” to do it. Technically, you could do this with JS yourself. I think there are some JS libraries out there to help. But you would need an outgoing mail server to connect to.

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