HTML Survey Form Feedback

Hello! Any constructive feedback is welcomed!

Regardless, thank you for your time and I hope you have a splendid day!


Not sure if you had a chance to test in a mobile phone, but there are issues with the layout.

(You can see the input area at the bottom is overlaying something else and I wasn’t able to scroll down enough to see the submit button)

I also noticed some issues with your html. My suggestion is to put your html into an online html validation and fix the errors reported (just google the phrase html validation to get the w3c website link that does this)

Some initial thoughts for you…

Hey there, it looks very good, Great Job!
The only criticism I have is the colors, it’s kind of hard to read imo.
I suggest looking in to color theory, here is a helpful link:
What Is Color Theory? Meaning & Fundamentals | Adobe XD Ideas .
It’s going to help you pick colors for your projects
Happy coding!

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