HTML Tags & Attributes Question


So, I am new at HTML & the whole coding world. Never taken any proper schooling for it, just picked it up as a hobby. So, I started looking into the types of elements and attributes one can use to build an HTML page, and I wanted to ask…

Can any attribute be added to any type of element or are there specifics as to which ones work with other ones?

Is there a page or document with a list of which elements go with attributes or a master list of elements and attributes that can be used?

Just curious since Free Code Camp lessons don’t really go into too much depth, just teaches basic structure.

Please advise.

There is an HTML specification available online that describes which attributes can be used with which tags.
For eg. Search for html5 specification document

No, each element type has specific attributes which can be accessed and used.

Awesome! Thank you very much for the references. Very helpful :slight_smile: