HTML Technical Documentation

Hey, I’m doing my fourth project, the technical page, and I want to do it on HTML seeing as how that’s what I’m learning (going meta) but I just realized I don’t have a good source to copy from. I’m figuring copying the page details isn’t bad for this given the point is to learn structure of a tech document but the point stands, I need a source and would appreciate the help.

What did you use as a search argument?

What did it give you?

That’s correct, just make sure you note your source. For example the sample tech docs says;
“All the documentation in this page is taken from MDN

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I didn’t use a search yet, I figured asking here first would give me the best results. Probably should have started with the search, sorry.

No worries.

FCC promotes the Read - Search - Ask method. It’s a good habit to get into now as it is an invaluable tool for any developer.

Gotcha, I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you.