HTML Test Project Not Responding To Changes in Code

Good Evening
I’m currently just starting to learn, so i’m creating a basic HTML file to test what i’ve learned thus far.
All was going well until i resumed my work today.

I’m using live server extention (which was working just fine) on visual code studio
Basically, i openned the file as aways but the changes i made would only be visible when i openned a new tab (open with live server)

i also tried manually refreshing the pag, but no effect
I’m pretty sure it’s the right file because when i close the tab and open it again the changes are applied. So what am i missing here??


Nevermind, i went to ‘settings>commonly used>file: auto save’ and changed from ‘off’ to ‘afterdelay’
funny thing is: i had already done it before so i thought the settings would have been saved, but i guess not.