Html to wordpress help

I’ve been given the assignment to convert a html website that is not owned by me, to a WordPress site. I’m not well versed in both wordpress or html but im a fast learner. In anycase, i downloaded the website offline by using HTTracker. Speed Test essay writer Then I am using a development enivorment called XAMPP. It can host local servers. From that I’ve been using wordpress. Now here’s where my trouble starts. I’m honestly unsure how to convert the site to wordpress. I checked online and most of the videos are about converting html “template” to wordpress. None of these videos work for me. I guess you need proper html offline website to do it. I was wondering if there is a way to convert a website to wordpress. If it’s really diffuclt, let me know.

Hello LennoxConner,

I think it’s a manual task , for the reason that WordPress is a content management system paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database that are designed to allow multiple users to manage digital content; it is a software application on it self waiting to be feeded with digital content from users.
HTTrack is web crawler and offline browser allows users to download or mirror a website, so you can used to get all the digital content but not the scheme of the database behind neither the structure of the application installed on the web server and generating this downloaded pages.

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