HTML Video Upload

I’m trying to upload a video to my page from youtube. I’ve tried using the video tag with all 3 types. I’ve tried using the iframe tag, didn’t work either. Here’s the link for my video, if anyone can reply with working code, would be appreciated.

You say you’ve tried the iframe tag, is that you typing out yourself?
Have you tried clicking share on the video, then the Embed icon, then copy that iframe tag? It’ll include a couple of attributes that should help it show up in your code.
Good luck.

You must provide the code of what you have tried, we can correct you from that.

Here’s my code so far.

iframe width=“500” height=“250”

I do have opening and closing tags, but the page won’t let me post without attempting to execute the code itself.

Ok, tried the share, then embed icon, and it worked perfectly. Thank you, much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: