Html5 and semantic elements

Hey! I got a question about is:

  • possible to use more time an element like aside and other elements?
  • possible to comebine the main element tag with aside and section because as main is main content but aside is not main content so main inside aside tags??
  • is matter where i choose to use header tag i mean not with h2 tags?


Hi, yes, but caution is advised because search engines make use of your semantic tags
to determine the content of your website :point_up_2:
There are some rules to follow.

I suggest to read this

With HTML4, developers used their own id/class names to style elements: header, top, bottom, footer, menu, navigation, main, container, content, article, sidebar, topnav, etc.
This made it impossible for search engines to identify the correct web page content.

With the new HTML5 elements ( <header> <footer> <nav> <section> <article> ), this will become easier.
According to the W3C, a Semantic Web: “Allows data to be shared and reused across applications, enterprises, and communities.”