HTML5 <img> placeholder?

Hi freeCodeCampers,

I’m currently working through the Basic Front End Project - personal portfolio page.

I literally have nothing to show in my portfolio section of the site, so I’d like to have empty boxes with CSS borders with some alt text inside them. Here’s a link to my CodePen (very much work in progress there!)

I’ve tried to do “Portfolio piece 1” as a big empty box, but it isn’t outputting the way I’d like it to. Is this even possible? Should I just put up random placeholder images? Other solutions are welcome to this very basic problem that I have.

you could use bootstrap wells

I considered using bootstrap wells, but that is a feature of bootstrap 3 and not bootstrap 4 which I’m using for this project.

After looking around Bootstrap 4 documentation I’ll probably just use figures as a placeholder

I guess there isn’t any way to do this using HTML5?

didnt realize that had changed. bootstrap cards could work too. the beta site uses them instead of wells.

I dont know of a way to do it with just html.