HTML5 tags meaning

a= anchord
p= paragraph
h= heading level
img= image
src= source
main= main focus of the page (need to have at leat 2 other tag in it)
#= hash symbol (Helps create dead links)

Whats the meaning of “href”?
Also from the list above is any of them wrong?

href means Hypertext Reference and is mainly used to link to another webpage or different parts of the same webpage

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Got another question an id tag means identification right?

Technically yes, but i dont think it has a specific full form.

Its job is to specify a unique id for an HTML element.
It has some uses like manipulating the element with the id using javascript and so on.

But , thinking it of as something to ‘identify’ tags is a good way to learn stuff!

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Do you know the meaning of placeholder?

<input=“text” placeholder=“cat photo”>

Placeholder attribute specifies a short hint that describes the expected value of an input field. Pretty sure you can find the meaning of all of them online.


To be clear, id is not a tag it is an attribute.

HTML tags vs elements vs attributes

HTML tags

Tags are used to mark up the start and end of an HTML element. The following are paragraph tags.

HTML elements

An element in HTML represents some kind of structure or semantics and generally consists of a start tag, its attributes (if any), content, and an end tag. The following is a paragraph element:
<p>This is the content of the paragraph element.</p>

HTML attributes

An attribute defines a property for an element. It consists of an attribute/value pair and appears within the element’s start tag. An element’s start tag may contain any number of space separated attribute/value pairs.
The most popular misuse of the term “tag” is referring to alt attributes as “alt tags”. There is no such thing in HTML. alt is an attribute, not a tag.
<img src="foobar.gif" alt="A foo can be balanced on a bar by placing its fubar on the bar's foobar.">

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Sow does elements that goes within a tag are call a attributes?
For example

<input id="outdoor" type="radio"



Short answer is no.

This is incorrect syntax. It should be
<input id="outdoor type=“radio”>

What you’re showing is an element nested within another element.
Nesting was first introduced in this lesson.
There are lessons afterwards where elements are nested such as the example you provided.

A tag is not just a word. An HTML tag will start with < and end with >
So from your question
<label> </label> and <input> are tags.

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