HTML55 introduction

Hi Devs!
I just started out and I could use some advice from devs who have gone ahead. Thank you.

Hi John

Almost finished the HTML section in the Responsive Web Design course. Really enjoying it so far.

My friend is a JavaScript engineer and recommended I learn HTML (& HTML5), CSS and JavaScript :slight_smile:

I hope this helps man!

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Hi @PrinceJohn !

Welcome to the forum!

HTML,CSS and JavaScript are the three core languages of web development.
Learning those well is important to becoming a good web developer.

HTML is for the content of the page.

Lists, paragraphs, headings, tables, links are all examples of HTML.

My advice is to take your time going through the challenges and ask questions on things you don’t understand.

Then when you get to the end of the responsive design section you will have a chance to practice your skills through 5 projects.

Building projects is the best way to apply what you have learned.

Hope that helps!


You’ll start out learning the basics of HTML and CSS through building a Cat Photo App, Go on to Advanced features of CSS by building a CSS penguin. Then, you will learn to use CSS Flexbox and CSS Grid and how to make your website suitable for screens of all sizes. To earn the certification, you have to build the projects and pass.


Thanks everyone… I hope to get a mentor I can go to at times of difficulty…

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