id= Dr. Norman Borlaug

do you have any question here?

hello where i can apply this test

if you fork the pen provided you can just code in there, as the test suite is already present

thank you very much
i’m glad to be here

hello i am new here i finished making my tribute site and am currently trying to finish my survey page but the script that i was given ,i think it was the same link from the previous challenge when i look on the page i am supposed to have 16 user story to check off but when i use this link it says i only have 10 . What am i doing wrong?

the test suite contains the tests for all the projects, select the correct one from the drop down menu

in case you don’t know, you are also able to click on the number of passed user stories to see which ones you are passing

long. hard. facepalm.thank you!!!ugh i can’t believe i missed this… i’ve only been at this for two weeks. please forgive my noob-ness . thanks for your quick response!!i just finished my survey page so now i can test it!

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