I need help I’m unable to fix “10. the navbar should contain link () elements with the class of “nav-link”. There should be one for every element with the class “main-section”.”
anyone here???

 <header> Airspace </header>
     <nav id="navbar">

put your navbar like this…

but it says my navbar should contain header element instead

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The navbar element should contain one header element which contains text that describes the topic of the technical documentation.
yes you are apsolutly right
You have nav-links in your navbar…

but this :slight_smile:

        <li> optimal months to visits: March - April. </li>
        <li> popular cities </li>
          <li> Tokyo </li>
          <li> Osaka </li> 
          <li> Kyoto </li>

I think thet: <p>

<a> optimal months to visits: March - April. </a>

try like this…

you sure list before paragraph is gonna work?

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the problem is w

ith my element not the p

thet is a servy form.

and you asked about tehnical documentation page?

yeah, technical document page

and your are passing the test in those two?
as I see…
what`s your point?

i can’t pass no: 10 where it says i should put my element in the .main-section, i did but i think i didn’t do it right

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