my code :

I’m having trouble with case#12 and #13 of a project~

can someone point out what i’m doing wrong? thanks in advance

Don’t know why you’re using float, but since you did…

Float removes the floated element from the document flow and places it on top.

Main is still there underneath nav.

Put margin-left on main until it appears next to nav.

About your question

Introduction works perfectly. Do the same for the other sections.

As for 12 and 13 here you go:
On href attribute of your links put id of an element you want to scroll to.

  1. <a href="#menu1"> Goes to menu1</a>
    and then make element with “menu1” as id.
  2. <div id="menu1"></div>
    So when you click on first element, it will scroll to second element. This is basic as it gets.
    For more of a smooth scrolling you’ll need some: js