Hello there! I’m trying to solve the “Portfolio page” certification project, and am struggling a bit with the horizontal and vertical alignment of the elements.

My “projects” section elements are aligning as they are supposed to. But now the “Contact” and “Footer” is somehow following the same layout as the “projects”, instead of stretching over the entire width of the screen.

I have looked at the example project and tried to follow the same basic setup, but I can’t figure out which part of the code is responsible to fix my problem.

Thanks a lot for help!

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Challenge: Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage

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Welcome, Corinna.

I suggest you use the built-in analyse tool in CodePen to find some errors in your HTML and CSS. Then, I added this at the end of the CSS:

#contact {
  width: 100%;

Hope this helps

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Hi Sky020, thanks a lot for helping so quickly! Both in combination fixed it :smiley:

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