Hi guys, I could use some feedback on my tribute page. Besides, I am trying to resize my image to no avail.

Would appreciate it. Thank you

The original size of the image is only 360x342, so there really isn’t much to resize there. You could make it bigger by forcing a bigger height/width on it but then it’s going to start getting blurry. Generally, you start with a big image and then force it to resize smaller as needed. But maybe I am not understanding your question completely. Could you be more specific on how you want it to resize?

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  1. For test 7 the value should be _blank for the target on the link (target="_blank").

  2. I would remove the bullet points on the ul (list-style: none).

  3. The page is a little bland. How about using the green from the Nigerian flag #008850 on the body to give it a little color.

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Thank you for responding. I’d love a bigger image and since the image isn’t bigger i could get another one to work with.

Thanks for your feedback, coming right up