- feedback request

Hello all

I just made a tribute page and would like to know what you guys think about it. It was able to pass through the test scripts provided by codecamp but wanted to know if there was anything else you guys would improve on. One thing i wanted to know was if there was a way to remove the script test code from the HTML editor view.

PS. The second picture that I used is a little bloody, so if you are squeamish be cautious.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Cheat_CoderTriple!
I think your tribute page is correct, it meets the requirements and the basic purpose of the project.:+1:

As improvements I suggest 2 changes to consider:

  • change the background-color of body to white or whitesmoke for example, I think it combines better with the red details of the text and photos.
  • You could also increase the margin or padding of body to add some white space to the sides of the text.

Cheers and happy coding!:keyboard::slightly_smiling_face: