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Please, kindly help me out.
The search input in my nav bar and the ul on the right are running into each other when page reduced, nav bar is not responsive.

I also have difficulty getting the code to user story 5, 12 and layout 1

Please help

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Challenge: Build a Product Landing Page

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first fold your big elements, your <header> tag is not consistent with the surrounding elements. And why is there a div which wraps the header, the header itself purpose is to wrap all the header elements, which can be navigation bars as well(altho not a rule to follow).
For the nav links issue, two of them do not have the proper href paths. You point to ./about.html and /contact.html . Instead refer to the elements id’s, like you did with your href="#product-header".

To render the nav-bar always on top of the viewport, you can set its position to fixed and top: 0 . I suggest you read more on those properties and what their use is. In your case you will need to apply this to your header element. At least thats what passed the requirement when i tried it in your codepen.

Hi @fmdavids !

In the future, please avoid placing links in the title of your posts since we can’t click on them.

But your search bar has a min-width of 600px. That is not going to work for smaller devices.

I would delete that.

Thank you for these advice

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