I finished a survey-form project and i did it just with Html for now, but i found that i’m stuck with the two dropdown lists in this project : I cant’t make the placeholder text exactly as your form page project. Here is my own code :

<label for="role">Which option best describes your current role?</label>
      <select id="dropdown" name="role">
        <option value="student">Student</option>
        <option value="full time job">Full Time Job</option>
        <option value="full time learner">Full Time Learner</option>
        <option value="prefer not to say">Prefer not to say</option>
        <option value="other">Other</option>

<label for="feature">What is your favorite feature of freeCodeCamp?</label>
      <select id="feature" name="feature">
        <option value="challenges">Challenges</option>
        <option value="projects">Projects</option>
        <option value="community">Community</option>
        <option value="open source">Open Source</option>

I need a help. Thanks

why you want to copy the example? make your own style

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I don’t want to copy the example, i just want to know how to do it like the survey-form project to have more skills. thank you for the advice and the information, i really appreciate

please provide the link to you project and the freecodecamp project (the link in title doesn’t work)

Hey there,

I’m learning myself, but maybe I can help…

Include this code,

<option disabled selected value>Placeholder Text Visible</option>


<select id="dropdown" name="role">

Does that fix it?

Hi justlevy! How are u ? i just try ur code and it works perfectly , u fixed my problem Thank u very much. I wish u all the best in ur learning journey.

Hi ieahleen! My problem for survey-form project fixed and i want just to tell thank u for ur advice and trying solve my code problem. We are here all for the same goal to help each other to solve code problems and share our experiences in programming field. Thank u

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