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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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Hi there @greatereze3!

IIt seems that you have the HTML part of a project written twice, so as a result, you have two copies of the page. You should remove the second ( in my opinion, unless it was made that way)

Thank you for your advice, I just deleted that one, I have an issue, I am trying to make the page look the same way on phone as it is on laptop, please if you can help I will appreciate… Thanks

you need to use media queries in order to change look depending on a differet screen widths… here is some info about this issue

Thank you so much, i have made the correction please check it now and see if there are other things i need to change…

I will look, but again you should wait for one of the professionals to look at it.
from what I seen you need to include the scripts that checks your user stories, the one that you have there in the beginning. just add this line to html as the first line

<script src=""></script> and check if you pass all the user stories. in the window over there you need to choose your project and test it for the user stories.

Please edit the title of your post to something that’s short and descriptive of what you’re looking for.
Ask your question in your post providing a link to your pen.

Thank you.