I am doing “Personal Portfolio” project. I am unable to show my previous projects here which are the requirement of this project. My previous projects are 1. ‘Survey Form’; URL: , 2. ‘Technical Documentation Page’; URL: , 3. ‘Product Landing Page’; URL: I shall be obliged for your kind help.

Hi mikhan. I am new to FCC so I have just done the personal portfolio page. I could not solve your problem but I noticed the code for the survey form has a lot of classes and some of them have large spaces. I am pretty sure there should be no spaces in the class or id names. Also the img URL has testable in it. Is that a real image URL.
I don’t know for sure just something to check.

Hello there,

Just to expand on what @martin mentioned: The link you have for the img:

Looks like you took the script link, and added /images/survey.jpg:

<script src=""></script>

I am not sure why…the link you are probably looking for is:

Hope this helps