this is the project I have created the content is same but I have coded it myself will this work.
it matches the requirement though.
help me out, please.
this is the original project

First, you shouldn’t put the FCC original project link in your post description, I think many people like me are going there thinking it’s your project. Instead use the link you put at your post title.

Now, it doesn’t pass FCC tests, it fails in My product landing page should have at least one media query. You need a media query to adjust the layout of some elements in your page (like your navbar or pricing section) to narrow devices.

Also, never use images to display text, specially in places where container will change size, or you’ll end up with things like this:

Use instead two elements either one at the side of the other, or both nested inside of a bigger container. And for the element with the logo/image, check MDN documentation for background css specification.

And, I would recommend you to start from zero with original content, and spicy it up with whatever design cames to your mind. Take your time, there’s no hurry, and enjoy learning.