I’m beginner i can’t still make my logo picture appear good. As you can see my logo picture on top. Some of it is hidden. Can you help please. The logo some of it is hidden by the navigation.

If it has to stay where it is in the html, you can add z-index to the css.

.law-logo {
    width: 120px;
    height: 120px;
    /*float: left; */ /* this doesn't work with position:fixed */
    left:20px;  /* use top and left to position the logo */
    position: fixed;

You could also move the image inside the nav html and change the css to reflect that.

Thank you JanShah it really worked.

Shah Could you kindly look again My contact page, im stuck putting this line the same line as the rest ‘Please select when you are available for call:’

‘Please select when you are available for call:’ Is on the wrong line, i don;t know what i’m missing