Documentation page on CSS
kindly review any advice is highly welcome.

Overall this is very nicely done. Responsiveness is good, although I always recommend you use em units for CSS break points because then it takes not only page zoom into account but also text-only zoom.

There are a few minor things that could be improved:

  • The light gray text on black background for the code samples does not have enough color contrast to be readable (accessible). Use the WebAIM contrast checker to ensure that all of your color choices are accessible. This applies to the nav links as well.
  • You have no headings on the page. While this is technically not a WCAG violation it is considered a best practice to use headings to define your content outline. There should be one <h1> heading (I’m assuming would be “CSS DOCUMENTATION”) and then all the other large orange text that looks like a heading would be <h2>s.
  • You are relying on the browser’s default outline focus for the links in the nav, which is technically considered accessible, but I always recommend you customize the focus indicator so it stands out a little more since most browser defaults are pathetic. Use the CSS outline property to make them a little more noticeable.
  • Run your page through an HTML validator. There are a few actual errors that should be fixed.

Very nice job.

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Points noted
Thanks means a lot

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