Hello Guys,
Please can anyone help me with this test?

what have you tried so far? there is something in particular you have issues with?

if you don’t show what you have tried and explain what’s wrong we can’t help you as we don’t know what you know and don’t know

Okay bro, i was asked to change the if, else if statement to switch, which i did as shown the editor. But when ever i run the code it telling me to

chainToSwitch(“John”) should be “” (empty string)

chainToSwitch(156) should be “” (empty string)

You probably forgot to add the default case in your switch statement.

I added it at the bottom of the last break statement

Guys the problem is solved. Thanks for the contributions

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next time if you need help you should really post your code, it is impossible to help you without seeing your code - if you use the Ask For Help button your code is automatically included