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I am just trying to submit a file for the robots to validate and it doesn’t seem to read the file

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Try it with this link?

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that url 404s as well, i believe this is to do with cross origin security stuff based on what i am seeing in freecodecamp’s console… i initially tried pasting in a glitch url which also did not work

[edit] this is my first lesson attempt, i know my solution is correct there is some basic issue with my ‘public’ url

Wait, looking at your repository it seems you set this up with Glitch?

You can get a “live app” link from your glitch page and submit that url.

i wanted to use glitch but i could find no way to get freecodecamp to understand my url. here is my glitch page

also i am just finding a whole other thread of nearly everyone having the same issue so at least i am not alone ha Problem with taking Glitch url and using it as a solution for question

okay that’s hella confusing it wants the ‘live app’ BASE url whereas i was trying to submit the url to the actual FILE… omfg hahahaha so irritated with being lost for an hour but also appreciative of your help thank you

yes i didn’t want to have to export to Github each time. Also why I am dissing Glitch why is there no vim mode lol… okay thanks sir again you are a hero

Glad I could help! :slight_smile:

also i realize i can ALSO use by going to glitch, exporting to github… then going over to and IMPORTING that same project… which is awesome since that has vim mode and no hard-to-unearth hidden share button which is nice i assume glitch is a crush of freecodecamp but it’s nice to know other things work