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Hey I would love to complete The coding Interview Prep course but how can I change language from JS to C++

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Challenge: Work with Nodes in a Linked List

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FCC mainly teaches JS (and now some Python) so the tests are in JS. If you want, there are plenty of algorithm sites out there that will allow you to switch languages.

Can u please suggest some names of those websites u are talking about, I mainly want to learn Data Structures and Algorithms in an interactive way like in FCC.

As far as “interactive way like FCC”, I’m going to guess that there won’t be as many of those because that takes a lot of overhead and teaching algorithms are hard.

As far as “testing” you on algorithms, there are a lot of those, a simple search will find you those. I am a fan of leetcode and the Euler project, but whatever works.

I can also google “interactive algorithm tutorial”, but many of those are probably paid.

I would suggest learning algorithms the old fashioned way - just do them. Start simple, and work your way up. The training wheels of the interactive tutorial is great in the beginning, but eventually you need to learn how to ride solo. If you run into difficulty on a specific algorithm, you can usually find a blog post or a video to help out.

I also always like to plug the book, Cracking the Coding Interview. There are a lot of algorithm challenges with some explanations. The code is in Java, but that is close enough to JS to get the gist, and really, algorithmic thinking is largely language-independent. There are other algorithm books out there.

And I would also suggest to not obsess with algorithms and data structures - they can be cool, can be good training, and can be a good way to show off. But a lot of them are specific to very specific situations so they may not be applicable to most people. They are good to learn - they also come up in a lot of interviews - but also don’t obsess about them - they are only one part of becoming a great coder, and not even the most important part, imho. I would recommend just thinking them as a side-project, just a little game that you play on the side.

Thank You for your detailed post, will surely try out Cracking the coding Interview book
Btw I just got an offer from Microsoft as an SDE Intern an hour ago :slight_smile:

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