I did’nt understand how this code works to shuffle the values from a & b

let a = 8, b = 6;
// Only change code below this link

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**Challenge:** Use Destructuring Assignment to Assign Variables from Arrays

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Yeah, that’s weird syntax. Would this be more clear?

let a = 8, b = 6;
let tempArray = [b, a];
[a, b] = tempArray;

We put the two values in an array and then extract them with destructuring.

This also would have worked:

let a = 8, b = 6;
let tempArray = [a, b];
[b, a] = tempArray;

yup, I thought that looked an odd syntactic style too…

I pictured it as destructuring to imaginary temp vars and then restructuring them the other way around in the same way.

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Now, I got the point…Thank You

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