I have followed all the instructions accurately, but I am still encountering an error message stating that my code is incorrect. I have even cross-checked the steps with freeCodeCamp’s tutorial on YouTube, yet the system won’t let me proceed to the next phase

<span class="stat">XP:<strong><span id="xpText"> 0</span></strong></span>

    <span class="stat">Health:<strong><span id="healthText"> 100 </span></strong></span>

    <span class="stat">Gold: <strong><span id="goldText"> 50</span></strong></span>

Your Syntax is right, the issue is the spaces.

make sure you have no space around the numbers 0, 100, 50 and there is only one single space after the text XP: , Health: , Gold:

For anyone wonders which step is this:

Step 17 - Role Playing Game

@bickyseun Make sure you make the topic using the button Help on the step you are asking about so that we can help you better.

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Thank you, i appreciate

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