Please actually answer the questions.

it’s telling me the p factor needs resized to 16. it will not let me proceed

Ok. You seem to not be able to answer my questions about your computer. I’m sorry, but I cannot help you.

the only extension I have is Grammarly. I haven’t had a problem til now. this was a simple change. all that needed done was the 0 changed to a 6. I know I’m new, but that is pretty simple.

ok, thanks for the assist

Hello there,

Just to add to what has been said:

  • For the most part, Google Chrome is the recommended browser to complete the curriculum.
  • Browser extensions of any kind can affect the tests (not necessarily all of them). So, we recommend disabling all access to
  • If you are struggling with a challenge, the best thing to do is to:
  1. Take a moment to slowly re-read the instructions
  2. Proof-read your code
  3. Look in the provided console/windows for errors
  4. Use the Get Help → Ask for Help button to create a pre-populated post on this forum. All you need to do is add a title, and provide some information in the body of the post so we know what you are struggling with. It will automatically include your code correctly formatted
  • If you are using a mobile keyboard for the curriculum, this post could help: article on using a mobile device
  • Sometimes, it might be necessary to hard-refresh the page to ensure you do not have any residual codes floating around the webpage affecting the tests.

Hope this helps

Thank you Sky020. This could be helpful, I will try the refresh. thanks again

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