Humans of New York Tribute Page, Feedback needed, please!

Hello Everyone! Total newbie here. I am working on my tribute page project and would really appreciate your feedback. I am having a hard time trying to figure out how to style the page without using css. Again, any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Good job, and thoughtful choice of subject, too :slight_smile:

Thank you JacksonB. I find the Humans of New York movement to be very inspiring.

I’ve seen it pop up in my FB feed every now and again and thought ‘hm, cute’, but finding out a little more about the guy behind it and the way his project has grown is really interesting. I’ll pay a little more attention next time one pops up, I think.

You should definitely check out the Facebook page and the website. It’s very inspiring and motivational. The stories you read from some of his photo subjects, and the responses from people commenting on those stories is very uplifting. It helps to put so many things within your own life into perspective. I hope you get to visit the sites and are inspired.